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3 Places to eat after your lash appointment

Lets us show you some of our cool neighbours, now that we are in the 'trendy' part of Walthamstow market.

3 places to eat after your lash appointment with us!

  1. The Querky Cafe (personal fave)

Breakfast and lunch covered! This place is definitely quirky and has a menu that suits our vegan, veggie and non pork lovers! The food is amazing and they offer both indoor and outdoor seating. We would personally recommend the chicken and waffles! Find them directly opposite The Lash Code, they are practically on our door step

2. St James Crate

Boxpark has arrived in Walthamstow. It is official and we are here for this type of energy!

Many places to eat...find the infamous CrossTown Doughnuts, Pizza, Caribbean, Indian, name it! They have 2 floors with outdoor terrace. Great to have a drink and meet with friends

3. St James Treats

All we can say is ditch the diet because its totally worth it. The milkshakes are insane!! This quaint little dessert bar has tropical vibes, cute interior and a drooling dessert menu. Enjoy halal waffles, crepes and more. It is only a 3 min walk from The Lash Code and 1min walk from St James crate. If your feeling a little naughty this place will satisfy any sweet tooth.

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