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5 ways to prepare for your eyelash appointment

You have finally made the decision to get your lashes done and you're eagerly awaiting your appointment (how freakin exciting!!). Trust me, I know the feeling, lashes are life! However there a few things you you should really know before your eyelash appointment

1) Have a Consultation

Prior to your appointment you should have a consultation with your lash lady about what eyelash extensions you want. This will be a great opportunity to discuss your needs and answer any questions you may have. We recommend having some images or looking at some previous work to show your lash lady so we can get a true understanding of the look you want. At The Lash Code, you will need to schedule an online consultation, you can do so here

2) Arrive on time.

When it comes to lashes, time is everything. 15mins late? You are loosing 15mins of lash time. Now, to the average female...15mins of lash time might not be viewed as a big deal but when we can lash up to 10 lashes per minute it will affect your overall look and how full the lashes will be.

3) Go with clean lashes

Again this ties in with the previous point. If you come in with dirty lashes i.e wearing mascara then you will loose lash time with your lash artist taking time out to clean it all off. Take extra time to ensure that all waterproof mascara or glue from strip lashes has been removed to allow your lashes to have the best retention.

4) Wear a comfortable hairstyle

You will be laying down for a long time so be conscious that if you have a tight low bun it may annoy you after a while. Choose a hairstyle that you wear to bed basically!... you will probably fall asleep anyway (lash naps are the greatest). If you have locs or braided hairstyles, be cautious of wearing super high buns because we cant reach your lashes and definitely no hats

5) Ask about aftercare

If you're going to invest in your lashes then it only makes sense to look after them as much as possible. Most salons have an aftercare range with products that help maintain the look and health of your eyelash extensions. At The Lash Code, we have an online store of lash essentials aftercare which you can check out here

Click Here to schedule a free online lash consultation with us and we will see you soon!

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