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How Covid19 is affecting your lashes

There is no doubt that we are going through a period of uncertainty, which equally amounts to a tremendous amount of stress.

Now, stress can have different effects on our bodies, and hair loss is one of those effects.

It is not uncommon to lose eyelash hair as a result of stress and this was identified a few weeks back when I was lashing a particular client.

I had noticed that her lashes were really thin, weak and missing. I told her that her lashes look really stressed out and she said to me, yes, she feels very stressed because of everything that's happening at the moment. It wasn't common for her to have gaps, weak or fine lashes. This client had been a client of mine for years and never experienced any trauma like that. So, we sat down and talked about how everything was happening, how crazy it all is and she then disclosed that she was being made redundant.

Understandably, any body going through this level of turmoil will have a significant rise in stress levels so it's really important to understand how our bodies react to stress, and how to identify what our bodies are doing as a result of it.

We must find ways to reduce our stress levels in order to survive.

Stress can be the start of more long term, mental health, illnesses. So whatever you do find your feel good.

Find something that makes you happy, find something that keeps you focused and keeps your spirits in a positive direction, because we have to look after ourselves and our mental health, in particular.

And so, I write this post to say,

Look after yourself

Love yourself

and do as many things that makes you happy.

If you are experiencing eyelash loss as a result of stress then I recommend you try the Nouveau lash conditioning serum, I advised my client to use it too, as she said that there was no way she was taking the lashes off or having a break from extensions. hahaha (typical lash addict)

She was really disciplined with it and she used it every day, morning and night. When she came back in three weeks her lashes were in a better condition and so much stronger. As a result I managed to get more more lashes on, which was great.

So don't be dismayed, there are treatments available if you are experiencing eyelash loss/damage as a result of stress.

As I mentioned before, take time out to love yourself and do whatever makes you feel good. I hope to see you all soon. Take care of yourself and your lashes.



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