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How to make your Eyelash Extensions last longer

We have all been there before, lashes sparse in one eye, lashes on the pillow and lashes coming out from brushing them.

Here I will give you a few quick tips on how to make your eyelash extensions last longer in 5 easy steps

1.Make sure you have clean lashes to start

Great retention starts right at the beginning... remember the guy who built his house on the sand? ok maybe not the right analogy but you get the point.. foundation is key. If you have mascara, residue or build up of grease and dirt in your lash line, then your eyelash extensions will not last. Your lash lady will perform a basic cleanse for you but to get the best retention we recommend you washing your lashes with the Lash and Lid Foaming Cleanser prior to your appointment. If you do not have time to do it at home then we can do a deep cleanse in the salon for you just let us know

2. Opt for retention boosters

At The Lash Code we have an add on called bond and boost. These are two products used before and after your appointment to help your lashes last longer. The 'Boost' will open your hair follicles to give the glue better grip on the hair and the 'Bond' will seal your lashes straight away meaning you do not have to wait to get them wet. 'Bond' is also great if you have teary eye or want to wash your hair same day. Add bond and boost to your next appointment here

3. Less is more

The less make up you wear on a daily basis will dramatically increase your retention especially eye makeup such as eyeliner, top liner and even mascara on your bottom lashes. Those fresh faced, bare faced babes can enjoy longer lasting extensions because less dirt and grease will enter the lash line. Also keep touching and over brushing to a minimum.

4.Wash your lashes like you wash your hair

Your lashes need maintenance and they need to be washed. I recommend every couple of days, more if you wear make up every day. This is to keep the lash line clean, hygienic and free from grease and dirt. Not only will this help with the retention of your lashes but it improves your eye health and keeps those horrid eye infections from dirty lashes at bay. The cleanser we love is Nouveau Lash Cleansing Foam and will last around 3 months with daily use.

5.Ditch the oil

Be mindful about oils around the lash line so check your face cleanser, toner and eye cream for ingredients that may interfere with the lashes.

I hope these tips have been useful for you and you will have much better retention with your lashes!!

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