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How to stop your eyelash extensions from twisting

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Why are my lashes all twisted up??

Im sure this is a question you have asked yourself at some point on your lash journey.

You step out of the salon, lashes looking fresh, full and neat. Fast forward 3 weeks and they look like you have been dragged through a bush. (I know, I'm dramatic)

Today I am going to give you my top tips on how to keep your lashes neat for longer because its the new year and we need to be looking on point!

1. Use your spoolie

Bit of a no brainer this one, but even I forget to brush out my lashes every morning. You should get a free lash brush every time you come in from your lash girl

Stack and Save I say.

If you are a bit more fancy and want a sparkly spoolie for your makeup bag (comes with a lid) then you can buy one online here

2. Infill every 2 weeks

Your lashes could be twisting because you have a fast lash cycle. Without getting too deep into the science of lashes, your lashes grow fast. As your natural lash grows, the extension grows with it and then twists because it is no longer at the root of the lash, its now at the tip. At an infill we remove any outgrown lashes and reapply at the root of the lash so the lashes are sitting neatly. Book infills with us

3. Wash your lashes

Dirt, grease and grime can cause your lashes to stick together and twist. I know I bang on about washing your lashes but washing your lashes will really keep them in top condition. If you have run out of cleanser grab one here

It is very common to have a few twisted lashes, especially if you stretch your infills to 3 weeks plus. If you ever have any irritation, like an eyelash is hurting or sore, I would encourage you to contact your lash person and they should safely remove it for you.

Happy Holidays

Your Lash Girl


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