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Semi permanent lashes are a lie...

and I say that with my whole chest

Todays post is an educational post about the perception that eyelash extensions are semi permanent and what you should expect from wearing eyelash extensions for a long time

When I first trained in lashes (2010) the idea that eyelash extensions were semi permanent was the best thing about them! imagine having lashes on forever, what a dream. Just get them applied and never really have to go back and get them topped up again. I had clients married to the idea that the lashes were going to last 3 months but to everyones disappointment, and certainly to my own, this was far from reality. I thought it was me, maybe I wasn't applying the lashes properly, or perhaps my glue was not strong enough. I found out years later that it didn't really have anything to do with me and that the issue was down to our own natural lash cycle.

I learned that our lashes have a 30 day growth and shedding cycle. Its quite interesting actually that every 30 days our own lashes shed (not all at once obviously)but we would never usually notice them and this is perfectly normal and in accordance to how our bodies naturally operate. So with this in mind, how can eyelashes extensions possibly last 3 months? I mean, im no mathematician but how?

To set a more realistic expectation of eyelash extensions lasting, we would say around 4 weeks but to be aware that the lashes that last will be very sparse, maybe 1 or 2 at that point.

To keep them looking full your best bet is to get them reapplied every 2 - 3 weeks.

So what are the effects of long term lash wearers? Well if the lashes are naturally shedding and the extension shed with it, fresh lashes are always growing through. Providing that the lashes are a safe length and thickness and you are using the correct aftercare, long term eyelash extensions can be perfectly fine for you. Always be aware of how your lashes are acting, especially in seasons. The autumn and spring lash shed suggests that at these particular times our lashes shed more than usual so it can depend on our own bodies too.

It would be worth investing in an eyelash serum to strengthen your lashes whist wearing eyelash extensions in order to keep them healthy.

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Your lash girl

Davina x

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